Coding Labs#

Coding Labs are a hands-on section of the course in which you must attend a lab section and work through a provided lab exercise during the 50 minute lab meeting time.

Lab Attendance#

To get credit for the Coding Labs, you must make a concerted effort at completing each week’s coding lab and submit the lab on datahub.

You do not have to show up at your coding lab time to receive credit on your coding lab. That said, you have the option to attend any coding lab section. We ask that you please do your best to attend the lab section you are enrolled for. If too many people end up regularly attending one discussion section each week, we’ll revise this policy. If you have a specific conflict with your lab time on a particular week, you may attend another lab section time to make up the Coding Lab.

Work Together#

Coding Labs are meant to be collaborative. For all labs, you should aim to talk to the people in lab, and work with at least 1 other person on the lab. Some labs will have specific instructions and requirements for working together. (Note: this is harder when we’re all learning remotely.)


Coding Labs are also meant to be exploratory. There are broad questions in the notebook that you should explore, and try to answer - but you are also very much encouraged to explore related topics as questions about how things work come to mind. Consider the instructions as guidelines to start from.


To get credit for a coding lab, you must submit a coding lab that demonstrates you made a concerted effort. It does not have to be fully correct, not all sections have to be completed, and adding notes where you were unsure of an answer is absolutely acceptable. Your effort should demonstrate that you spent ~1 hours working on the coding lab.