Assignments will be done in Jupyter Notebooks. They will be released and submitted on datahub.

Assignments are cumulative - previously covered topics may also appear in a future assignment. Due dates are listed on the syllabus.

Late Submissions#

You may submit late assignments, up to 72 hours after the initial deadline, for 75% credit.

Using Jupyter Notebooks for Class Assignments#

We will be using a system that allows for automatically grading notebook submissions.

Notebooks will be released with step-by-step instructions on what code to enter.

Follow these instructions for working with these notebooks:

  • Whenever you see # YOUR CODE HERE, replace it with code to answer the question

  • Make sure to remove the raise line, or the notebook will raise an error

  • Do not edit or delete and cells that have assert lines in them

    • These lines are used to check your code

    • If they are edited, this gets flagged, and they get reset to the original versions before grading

  • You can add new cells, and write extra code, as long as you follow what is written above

  • Make sure to execute all code that you write.

  • If you get an ‘AssertionError’ from a test cell, your answer is not correct

  • Your grade is partly graded on the public tests (the asserts that you see) and partly on a hidden set of tests (extra ‘asserts’ that get added during grading)

  • This means that passing all the assert you see does not guarantee correctness

  • Make sure to check out code and its outputs, that it does what it is supposed to

Questions About Assignments#

Please ask all questions on Campuswire and/or in office hours.

A note on posting code: When asking or answering questions, do not post code that answers assignment questions. If you want to post larger segments of code, do so in a private post.

To ask about an extension#

If you need to ask for an extension, please DM on Campuswire or email the instructor directly.


Grades will be released on Canvas about a week after the submission due date and feedback will be available on datahub. It is your responsibility to check your posted grades - please do so.


If you have a question about a grade, post a note on Campuswire privately to Instructors & TAs using the “regrades” tag.

Questions about grades include asking where you lost points, clarifying why you lost points, and asking about potential regrades (overall, or for particular questions). Please first check the information and guidelines below first. Note that because assignments are programmatically graded on a particular computer, course staff in office hours will not have immediate access to your particular submission, and where you lost points.

After checking the feedback provided on datahub, if you think there is a mistake or ambiguity (for example, your different solution meets the question specifications, but fails on an unexpected test) get in touch, and we’ll look into it.

Note that assignments are programmatically graded, using an automated system. It is possible that this grading goes wrong, if a submission doesn’t follow the assignment format guidelines, or for other idiosyncratic reasons - which may be what happened if you receive a very different grade than you expected. If there is an issue, we can fix it - but you have to let us know.

All regrade related questions must be posted within 72 hours of receipt of the grade.