Welcome to COGS 18: Introduction to Python!#

COGS 18 | Jason Fleischer | Fall 2022 | UCSD


Introduction to Python (COGS 18) is a course offered by the Department of Cognitive Science of UC San Diego. It is a hands-on programming course, focused on teaching students in Cognitive Science and related disciplines an introduction on how to productively use Python.

Current Iteration#

Introduction to Python is currently running for Fall 2022, please read the syllabus here!.


All course materials are openly available and downloadable from this website. Materials presented during the course lectures are available here. The source material for everything hosted on this site is also available on GitHub.

Click on this link to transfer the current materials from github to your datahub so you can follow along in lecture. NB. This updates every lecture, so you will have to click on this link repeatedly to keep up to date.

Coding Labs#

An overview of the Coding Labs is available here.


An overview of the Assignments is available here.


An overview of the Project is available here and we’ve compiled a number of Frequently Asked questions (FAQs) here. A template for the project is available on datahub or for download here.