Welcome to COGS 18: Introduction to Python!

Welcome to COGS 18: Introduction to Python!#

COGS 18 | Shannon Ellis | Spring 2024 | UCSD


Introduction to Python (COGS 18) is a course offered by the Department of Cognitive Science of UC San Diego. It is a hands-on programming course, focused on teaching students in Cognitive Science and related disciplines an introduction on how to productively use Python.

Current Iteration#

Introduction to Python is currently running for Spring 2024, please read the syllabus.


All course materials are openly available and downloadable from this website, but we highly recommend following along in class with a live notebook so you can try the programs we talk about as we talk about them. To get your own live copy of the notebooks and follow along in lecture click on this link to transfer the current lecture materials from our GitHub to your DataHub instance. This GitHub repo[1] updates every lecture, so you will have to click on this link every lecture to keep your DataHub up to date.