Introduction to Python#

Important Note: This course was originally designed and developed by Tom Donoghue. While lectures, assignments, exams and coding labs will be altered from the original run of the course in Fall 2018, tons of credit for this course is due to Tom for his awesome work getting this course off the ground.

The PDF slides from the start of the first class are available here:


Expectations & Approach#

  • Goal: to learn practical programming in Python

  • How: hands-on, community driven, skills based course, assignment & project driven

  • Lectures & Lab Sections will be used for interactive activities

  • Assignments, coding labs & a final project will be designed to get you coding

Why Learn Computation?#

  • Computation is how things are done

  • Computation is the foundation of much of the modern world

What is Python#

  • Python is a programming language

    • It is a way to do computation

    • It gets the computer to do the work for you

  • Python is an ecosystem

    • It is a culture of practice for computation

What does Python look like#

variable_name = "some kind of variable"
some kind of variable
a = 1
b = 2

c = a + b


Why Choose Python?#

  • Python is a powerful, well developed, and well supported tool

  • Python is general purpose, with an immense, multi-purpose ecosystem

  • Python is human focused, with a strong user & developer community

  • Python is open-source and accessible

This is a Jupyter Notebook#

Uses in COGS18:

  • lecture notes

  • assignments

  • coding labs

  • final project/exam